Bib Shorts

18th January 2016





It is our goal to offer you the highest quality cycling shorts that can be customised to your own design. Our shorts are made from an soft elastic, and highly functional material. They are constructed to have the fewest possible seams in critical areas. The seat padding is a BiElastic material. Leg hemlines are equipped with a rubber-gripping band, to deter slipping. The straps (bibs) are made from a comfortable mesh material.


We purchase our fabric from only the highest acclaimed European manufacturers and suppliers. Each fabric is individually selected to maximise comfort and durability and is moisture wicking to ensures quick moisture dispersal and optimal temperature regulation.


Our shorts are sewn using a combination of ‘Overlock’, ‘Flatlock’, and ‘Zig Zag’ seams, to prevent these from coming undone. The overall construction of the shorts was also given special attention to limit the number of seams in critical areas such as the inner thighs and seat area.
The thread itself is made from a tear-resistant and elastic fibres which are specially Made in Germany. The thread stretches with the material making the shorts even more durable and robust.

Radhosen Pads
Seat Padding

No doubt about it; padding is an important component to cycling shorts. We use only the highest quality pads in owayo shorts. They are made from a multi-density foam, with a 3D-elasticity. The various foam densities create optimal absorption and added strength; the light elasticity enables the pad to stretch in any direction, allowing the shorts move easily with the rider’s movement.

Definition by Actual Body Measurement

The hip, or ‘seat’, circumference is the primary basis of measurement for cycling shorts. The widest point in this area should be used for measurement; hips and rear. You should make measurement without baggy clothes and being sure not to pull too tightly on tape measurer.

If you have any problems, please feel free to contact our service team.

Body measurements – inches
owayo size * seat circum. in inches * seat circum. in centimeters
XS 32¼ – 35½” 82-90
S 35½ – 38½” 90-98
M 38½ – 41¾” 98-106
L 41¾ – 45” 106-114
XL 45-48” 114-122
XXL 48-51¼” 122-130
3XL 51¼”-55” 130-138

Minor tolerations (+/-2%) might occur due to production variations.

Special sizes are available upon request.


Measure your seat measurement to determine short size. The seat measurement is the widest circumference around the hips and buttocks.

SNCC - South Normanton Cycling Club