Strava – In case you have been living under a rock

Veloviewer – A great analysis website for all your strava data

jonathanokeeffe – More strava analysis for you geeks

marcellobrivio – A growing set of utilities for the Strava addicts.

velominati – Keepers of the cog, rules of cycling

Workouts – Best exercises for your legs

Workouts – Core exercises for cyclists

cyclingtimetrials – Search for time trials and hill climbs to enter

cyclingtips – Australian cycling news site, beautiful photography

inrng –  A great cycling commentary site

roadcyclinguk – News site for road racing

cyclosport – A site listing sportives in the UK & Europe

fyc tumblr – A tumblr site with cycling orientated photography

polypeloton – humorous cycling art

SNCC - South Normanton Cycling Club